The idea to setup an online marketplace of this nature germinated during a visit to a local exhibition where craftspeople from as far as Hunza and Kashmir in the North of Pakistan to Halla and Thar in the South of the country, were all showcasing their product under one roof. Amongst the participants were those who had been carrying the craft in their families for generations along with the young enterprising individuals who were studying various forms of art at art colleges and experimenting with various products.

On one hand Craft & Cultures proposes to handle the management and advertising aspect of the business, for the craftspeople, allowing them to concentrate on their skill while on the other it provides a one stop shop solution for craft and fashion enthusiasts to explore products from Pakistan and around the world.

Craft & Cultures has started off by bringing you products in ceramic, onyx, wood, silver and stone to name a few. We are also stocking beautiful hand crafted textiles and accessories for fashion enthusiasts.